• Special thanks to the following individuals and organizations for their generous financial support, without which this project could not have been achieved:

Ukrainian Canadian Foundation of Taras Shevchenko,

Buduchnist Credit Union,

Ukrainian Canadian Congress,

League of Ukrainian Canadians,

Ukrainian Catholic Women’s League,

and a personal donation from Ms. Vicki Karpiak

• We gratefully acknowledge the support of Fr. C. Mykytiuk, OSBM, and the parish of St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Shrine for letting our choir hold rehearsals and record this disc at the church.
Graphic design by Volodymyr Katrushenko with motif by Oksana Andrushchenko
Recorded and mastered by FAT DOG

CHORAL HARVEST— is a collection of Ukrainian choral favourites performed for you by AKORD—the Ukrainian Men's Choir of Ottawa. Choosing musical pieces from the fields, steppes and mountainous Carpathian regions of Ukraine and bringing them to audiences across Canada is the passion of this male choir. The songs collected here range from spiritual and historical evocations of Ukraine’s heroic Cossack past, through poems by the iconic Taras Shevchenko set to music, to the light-hearted kolomyika dance rhythms of the Carpathians. Indeed, this collection reflects the very ethos of AKORD, which symbolizes both the richness of Ukrainian choral tradition and the melodious quality of the choir. Choral Harvest features four works by the twentieth-century Ukrainian composer Yevhen Kozak, who was a formative influence on AKORD’s conductor, L'viv Conservatory graduate Olya Katrushenko. This is AKORD’s second compact disc, following the Choir's successful debut “Three Feasts of Christmas” in 2006. The Choir’s active annual program includes traditional concerts, celebrations of religious occasions and a variety of music festivals. In a notable special event, Canada’s Governor-General invited AKORD to entertain the President of Ukraine at a state dinner in 2008. Tying together a capella harmonies in four parts, the men of AKORD hope that you will enjoy this sheaf of songs as much as we enjoyed preparing it for your listening pleasure.

  • 1. Star Over Pochayiv (arr: Mykola Leontovych), soloists: Oleh Belkin, Danny Lega 3:36
  • 2. Hey Outlaw Brothers! (lyrics: Mykola Ustyjanovych; arr: Yevhen Kozak) soloists: Danny Lega, Roman Waschuk 3:34
  • 3. My Somber Thoughts (lyrics: Taras Shevchenko) 5:03
  • 4. Oh Bandurist, like an Eagle (lyrics: Taras Shevchenko; mus: Yakiv Orlov) soloist: Oleh Belkin 3:22
  • 5. Storm Clouds Rising (lyrics: Taras Shevchenko; arr: Vasyl’ Yemetz) 2:47
  • 6. A Soaring Eagle (lyrics: Taras Shevchenko; arr: Kyrylo Stetsenko), soloist: Danny Lega 3:06
  • 7. Shine for Me, O Moon! (arr. Oleksandr Koshytz) 5:12
  • 8. I Once Had a Girl (lyrics: Roman Kupchynsky; arr: Yevhen Kozak), soloist: Ostap Pruchnicky, 2:35
  • 9. The Boat Gently Rocks (lyrics: Roman Kupchynsky; arr: Yevhen Kozak) 3:00
  • 10. My Father Used to Say (arr: Yevhen Kozak) 1:39
  • 11. Kuperyan (mus: Hryhoriy Davydovsky), soloist: Danny Lega4:35
  • 12. A Golden Sun Shine (mus: Ivan Nedilsky) 2:22



©2005—AKORD—Ukrainain Men’s Choir of Ottawa