AKORD is the Ukrainian Men’s Choir of Ottawa.

The name AKORD is symbolic of both the richness of Ukrainian choral tradition and the melodious quality of this four-part choir. AKORD originated in 1993 with six, then ‘younger,’ men who shared an interest in Ukrainian liturgical music and assumed as their first challenge Dr. Paul Macenko’s arrangement of the Jerusalem Matins. This Byzantine-style Lenten service was debuted in Ottawa, in 1994, at St. John the Baptist Ukrainian Catholic Shrine under the direction of Mrs. Slava Shewciw. AKORD continues to celebrate Macenko’s Matins annually in Ukrainian Orthodox and Catholic parishes in Ottawa and elsewhere upon invitation.

Olya Katruszenko, music director since 1994, broadened the ensemble’s repertoire and versatility. As a result, AKORD now entertains audiences in performances ranging from traditional Taras Shevchenko concerts to the Festival by the River in Almonte, Ontario. Engagements, such as at the Outaouais Sacred Music Festival and the National Gallery of Canada, continue to broaden public awareness of various Ukrainian choral masters.

• AKORD Members:
First Tenor:  Walter Bernyck, Danny Lega, Michael Koros.

Second Tenor:  Volodymyr Katrushenko, Andriy Sawchuk, Zenon Woychyshyn, Marko Yanishevsky.

Baritone:  Jurij Replansky, Oleh Belkin, Bohdan Nakoneczny, Steven Hill, Lukash Monczak.

Bass:  Vasyl Kosenko, Ostap Pruchnicky, Michael Reshitnyk, Tom Tytor, Roman Waschuk.

• On Leave of Absence:

Eugene Stepchuk, Rev. Andrew Onuferko, Keith Swinton, Mykhailo Ryndzak, Rev. Peter Galadza

• Alumni:

Lubomyr Habursky, Andriy Wozniuk, Andrij Monczak, Walter Kosmin, Allen Karabonik, Tim Malyk, Adrian Pruchnicky, Borys Sirsky, Roman Katchmar, Norman Kinal.

• Musical Director

Olya Katruszenko is a graduate of the M. Lysenko State Conservatory of L’viv, Ukraine, where she studied composition and musical theory. Her professors –
S. Liudkevych, V. Flys, and P. Simovych – were all renowned composers who were instrumental in the development of both contemporary Ukrainian music and of choral singing in general. After completing her studies, Olya worked as a folklore researcher and music events organizer at the L'viv Museum of Rural Life. Olya also teaches piano and musical theory and develops her own arrangements and adaptations of choral works.

• Choir Executive:

President – Walter M. Bernyck
Vice-President – Andriy Sawchuk
Treasurer – Yurij Replansky
Past President – Danny Lega

©2005—AKORD—Ukrainian Men’s Choir of Ottawa